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Are you trying to make your ex regret losing you? Have you tried many ways to no avail? Are you at your wit’s end not knowing what to do or say? If these questions define your situation then you have come to the right place.



This article holds the secret to make him regret losing you. Read it and apply what it suggests, and you will see great results in a few weeks.



Did you know that you can increase or decrease your chances of getting him back? Yes you read that right actually it is all related to what you do and say right after the breakup. You can close or widely open your window of opportunities to make him regret losing you.



Right after the breakup is crucial to keep a cheerful attitude, never beg or plead your ex to take you back. There is no point doing so since he choose to leave you on our own, if he were to listen to your begging he wouldn’t breakup with you in the first place.



You need to refrain from contacting him, no matter how much your heart is nagging on you to do so. It is tough and painful but you have to hold yourself from contacting him. You see your ex is waiting for you to fall like a leave in the wind, not knowing where to do or were to head. But, no this is not going to happen, you are a strong girl, that won’t let anyone humiliates you.



Yes loved him, yes you cared from him, but letting him humiliated you is not going to happen. When you don’t contact him, you give him the time to rethink about his decision.



In that time you are going to create a new life, a life that is happy, shining, and don’t depend on your ex to make it enjoyable.



First, you need to socialize more with friends and family members, because exchanging small talks with them, make you forget about your situation. Small talk over a cup of coffee, while exchanging some jokes, will make you easily chase away your ex memories.



Here is another excellent tip you can follow to further forget about your ex, you simply need to join a club or charity organization and just get involved in the activity in hand, of course you need to choose an activity that is interesting to you.



Overtime, you will notice that you no longer think about your past with the same intensity, you may think of your ex from time to time, and that’s totally normally, but he no longer permeates every single corner of your life.



Always, remember, that your ex is somewhere watching you, always draw a smile on your face and show up in your best appearance, when he sees that you have succeeded to create a new life, he won’t help but wants to be part of it, and then it is up to you whether to accept or refuse his offer.